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"I love it when a picture comes together" How I like to take the ideal photo! My parents have always told me that I think in pictures. What could be better than capturing my image in a photo! Whether it concerns a person, an animal, a group, a bridal couple, a sport, a service, an environment or a building, the subject is what the photo is all about. For me, a photo is ideal when the subject is in his or her power and radiates his or her power. With every photoshoot, it comes down to a plan. Good preparation, searching for a suitable location, creating the right atmosphere and then photographing. Finally, enjoy the resulting photo together. In addition to being a photographer, I am currently also working as a process change manager. Visualizing problems and solutions is becoming increasingly important in this work. Here too I am busy capturing my image. My experience and knowledge in companies helps me with corporate photography. Together we should be able to enjoy the resulting photo. It also makes me happy when we make a nice photo shoot together. Not only the result is important, but also the journey towards it. The photo shoots that stay with me mainly have to do with the atmosphere and the photo. From the photo I can immediately get the atmosphere that makes me happy. Of course I also think it is important that this also feels that way to the customer. Photography is not just taking a picture. A photographer must be creative, communicative and flexible. In addition, having sufficient technical knowledge and energy to handle every photo shoot. The combination of knowledge, creativity, communication and flexibility makes it a fun and challenging profession. You need everything to get a nice and good photo.