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Highly skilled audiovisual professional with certification, competences and extensive experience. Consolidated handling experience using multidisciplinary skills such as: E.N.G., Broadcast Studio, concerts, sports, plenary but mainly fiction, both in studio and outdoors. I consider myself a calm person with a very professionally and focused approach. Accustomed to multiple tasks, handling pressure, working alone or in and with a team, it is in the daily learning, focused on the relationship with people and the quality of my professional performance, that I find my greatest satisfaction. I am persevering and analytical in my actions and in my relationships. As strengths, I would point out positive attitude, adaptability, hard-working, attention to detail and sensibility to adjust scales , framing according to the dramatic intensity of each scene and as a weakness, I usually can't say no when someone asks me for help. Ability to integrate easily into new environments. Dedicated and reliable with the determination and drive required to succeed. All the training in the ability to remain serene in high-stress and high-pressure situations, and that includes exuding confidence in the midst of uncertainty, ability to handle a situation with care and confidence, can make the difference in the result of work. Furthermore, the yearning for knowledge and the commitment to lifelong learning is a characteristic that I believe as essential and that guides me since I remember. By focusing on the result, teamwork is essential to give answers to needs. During my career I have always worked with fiction and information producers where I have signed “image rights” and “intellectual property” contracts, so I cannot show the overwhelming majority of my work. The “material” of my portfolio is, almost all, composed of images captured with an “inferior” camera (Sony NEX-EA50) and edited on the same day of the capture as required by the client, so, in my opinion, the final quality is compromised. .