Photographe & vidédaste, Bruxelles

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Camille deliver visual content that informs, moves and engages through video, photo and animated infographics, with and for you. He is experienced in the production of video combining B-roll, animated graphics and multilingual interviews. Camille has first built up experience in photo documentary reportage, most often abroad in challenging contexts and produce deliverables within tight deadlines. His work has been published by various media (Faim et Développement Magazine, National Geographic, Al Jazeera, Le Monde, Animan, Quantara, Rhythm Monthly,...). Using his ability to capture emotions, convey a story and a message through images, he now works at CDP Production Associées as a manager, video and photo editor and animated infographics designer. Camille was also photo editor at Al Jazeera Media Institute (Qatar) for the AJ Stories platform for the last 4 years. His previous professional career in project management and multidisciplinary team management has led him to understand and respond to various needs, to anticipate and solve field constraints and to accompany collaboration effectively. Familiar with unconventional and complex requests, he have the ability to simplify complex projects and ideas. he usually edit footage shot by himself or provided by the client or their partners and strengthen the message with animated graphics.