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Photographers from all over Europe

VO Europe, the agency specialising in the communication of international institutions, has entrusted us with its video recordings and photo shoots all over Europe! France, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Poland, Sweden, Finland... Just as many shoots for just as many destinations!

Our mission? To enable VO Europe to collaborate with local and quality photographers to cover all their events abroad.

Utopix's own network also enables our customers to work faster and reduce their production costs.

In addition, Utopix takes care of the complete follow-up of the project (briefing, transfer of rights, delivery of photos).

"We have been working with Utopix for a long time and we have always been very satisfied with their speed and efficiency. Utopix has always found qualified photographers for us all over Europe! And the assignments were always perfect: the photographers were informed in advance and were very professional" - Wallis Raekelboom, Project Manager at VO Europe

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