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How to describe Utopix in a few words

Utopix is one of the largest European networks of photographers / videographers dedicated to serving agencies and companies. On simple request, we can provide you several profiles of professionals that match your project in less than 24 hours.

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About us

Who is Utopix?

Since 2016, we have been helping businesses and agencies realise their photo and video projects throughout the world.

Whatever the nature of your project (pack shot, portrait, event), our role at Utopix is to put you in touch with the best photographers and videographers in record time.

Share your project, your vision and your expectations with us. And we'll bring them to life.


Thanks to our algorithms and a dedicated interface, we will put you in touch quickly with the best photographers and/or videographers, to realise all your projects.

In addition, we also provide a project management space that enables you to:

  • Create a project
  • See and select the best candidate(s)
  • Pay online
  • Retrieve and comment (edit) your photos

Last but not least, you will also be supported by our Customer Success Manager, if you have any questions or need support in your project.

How does it work?

How do I find my photographer/videographer ?

You can book your photographer/videographer in two different ways

  • By logging into your customer space
  • Via your customer space, you can enter your new request via our online brief, choose your photographer or videographer, pay online and collect your content at the end of the project.
  • You don't have a customer space? Create one now.
  • By using the services of a Utopix expert
  • Our online brief is also available on our site without the need to create a customer space. After sending your project request, you will be contacted by a member of the Utopix team to discuss the details of your project. You can also directly contact us via with your project information or call us directly on +32 470 53 08 20.

Why choose a Utopix professional ?

Utopix is ​​the biggest network of qualified photographers and videographers working for businesses and agencies (communication, web, events, design, advertising).

The members of our network are all professionals who are qualified and approved in the Utopix network on the basis of their experience and their references. Our creators are all specialised in producing content for businesses.

In addition, you also get multiple guarantees by going through our service.

How do I create my customer account and choose my creator ?

  1. The first step is to create a customer account. We ask you to fill in some contact data.
  2. Once your account is created, you can access your customer space and your dashboard. You just have to create your first project to start. Be as accurate as possible.
  3. As soon as Utopix candidates apply for your job, you can analyse and check their profiles and their achievements and choose the one that best fits your project.

How much does it cost to create a project on Utopix ?

0. Submitting a photo or video project to Utopix is ​​completely free.

Who can apply for my project ?

In order to make the applications for your project more relevant and ensure you have a unique experience, only Utopix professionals who best fit your job can apply. This selection is based on our creators' specialties, their location and their references in the desired field.

What happens after I choose my provider?

Once your provider is selected, we ask you to pay a 30% deposit to confirm you want to contract them. Then you will receive a confirmation email with your service provider's full contact details. Now your project can start.

Why do I have to pay a deposit ?

Paying a deposit is the best way to validate and confirm your project with your service provider. Once your deposit has been paid, your creator agrees to carry out your shoot on the date stated in your request or to agree on a shooting date as soon as possible with you. The deposit also helps to establish a relationship of trust between you and your provider.

No other amount will be deducted from your card. Once the job is completed and you validate your received images, you will be billed the remaining sum from your invoice, which must be paid within 30 days.

You will also get Utopix support 7 days a week. If your service provider is no longer available in the event of force majeure, we will provide you with a backup solution. Your shoot will still take place.

What is our payment solution ?

We use the best online payment solution, Stripe, to ensure smooth and secure payments.

Can I get an invoice for the job ?

An invoice will be sent to you by email to your account address for each job.

I cannot pay a deposit, what should I do ?

If for one reason or another, you are unable to pay a deposit online and you wish to use our service, please place an order directly via a Utopix expert at or on +32 470 53 08 20.

I cannot pay by card, what should I do ?

We can offer you an alternative solution. You can either place an order directly via a Utopix expert ( or +32 470 53 08 20) or via our online brief.

Can I pay in cash or cheque ?

No, it is not possible to pay for your service in cash. Only official and secure payments via our online service or invoices will be accepted.

How do I communicate with my Utopix creator ?

Once you have selected your provider and paid your deposit, you will receive all the contact information from your Utopix designer by email. They will also receive your contact information and agree to get in touch with you within 48 hours for first contact.

What is the working relationship that binds me to the provider ?

The collaboration is on a freelance basis. There is therefore no relationship of subordination between you and the service provider. It's effectively the same as if you'd hired a freelancer.

Nevertheless, all Utopix providers have signed a service agreement which commits them to honest and high-quality work in accordance with the quality requirements of Utopix and of our customers.

Can I change the amount I pay for the job ?

It is possible for plans to change before or after the job. You may find you need a bigger delivery, additional services, or more changes than originally planned in the initial briefing. In that case, it is possible to change the job price in agreement with your service provider. They will then contact the Utopix team to tell them all the changes that are needed to the initial brief.

How do I get my photos and videos ?

Using the Utopix platform, it has never been easier to download your photos and videos. As soon as your providers deliver your content, you receive a notification email about downloading it.

How do I request changes to my production ?

When your Utopix creator delivers your photos and videos, you can add comments to request changes. Your creator will make the requested changes and send you a new version of your production.

How many changes can I request ?

You are entitled to a limited number of changes. Generally, you are entitled to 2 change requests. However, you can agree with your creator to set a higher number.

What are Utopix's guarantees ?

My Utopix guarantees

By using the Utopix service, you benefit from the following guarantees :

  • Payment security : We offer you an online payment solution via one of the best secure online payment managers, StripeOnly the deposit payment will be deducted from your card. Once the job is completed and you validate your received images, you will be billed the remaining sum from your invoice, which must be paid within 30 days.
  • Shooting guarantee : Paying a deposit ensures your service provider will be available on the big day. If your photographer or videographer can't be there the day you are shooting, in the event of force majeure or any other reason which they have no control over, we will provide a back-up solution. We commit to replacing them as soon as possible, with a Utopix professional who matches your budget and needs, without any extra charges.
  • Quality guarantee : Using the Utopix service, you'll be using qualified professionals who are manually validated by our team of experts.
  • Support : You have fast and flexible human support, in case you have questions or just need help to carry out your project.
  • Choice : We guarantee you a wide choice of service providers that correspond to your projects and your ambitions.
  • Responsiveness : With our interface and our large network, you are guaranteed to quickly and easily find the photographer or videographer to meet your needs.

My service provider doesn't suit me! What should I do?

If, after your initial discussions with your Utopix creator, you wish to change partner, we can easily suggest another professional to carry out your project at no extra cost (only if the project hasn't started yet).

What happens if I wish to cancel the job?

You can cancel a job up to 5 working days before it starts without any charges.

Should you cancel a job less than 5 working days before the service starts, you will lose your deposit.

What happens if my service provider cancels the job ?

If your photographer or videographer cannot be there the day of your shooting, we will provide a back-up solution. We commit to replacing them as soon as possible, with a Utopix professional who matches your budget and needs, without any extra charges. If none of our solutions suits you, we will reimburse your deposit.

I have a big project, can you help me ?

Whether you have 1 shoot or 10,000, all in one place or anywhere in the world, we can ensure your shoot production is completed in record time.

Our network, which operates internationally, enables us to provide photo or video production in volume and at different locations for short periods. More info

How much does a photo or video project cost ?

Because each project is unique, our customer success manager supports you and assesses the cost of carrying out your project with you. Once you accept our price proposal and it meets your expectations, your project will be posted on our network and you will be able to select your service provider.

I have an urgent request !

No problem, we can put you in touch with a photographer or videographer up to a few hours before the start of your job (depending on the complexity of it). Contact us on +32 470 53 08 20

I am an image maker

About us

Who is Utopix ?

Utopix is one of the largest networks of professional photographers and videographers in the world. Our mission is to offer our creators quality projects close to home.

Why join the Utopix designer network ?

Joining Utopix means joining a network of creators, where only the artist's talent and sensitivity counts. Utopix lists a variety of high-quality jobs (events, portraits, news stories, drone work, real estate) for thousands of customers, mainly in the world of events, communication and marketing.

How does it work ?

How do I join Utopix ?

To join Utopix and apply for jobs, you must create an account as a photographer or videographer at :

Once your registration has been validated by our team, you can fill out your profile. By properly filling out your portfolio and listing your specialities in detail, you increase your chances of being selected by our clients.

What do I need to join Utopix ?

Utopix is a network of professional photographers and videographers. To join our network and apply to our postings, you must meet several criteria :

  • Be a sole trader or freelancer
  • Be of legal age (18 years)
  • Have a digital portfolio available
  • Specialise in photography for companies
  • Have already worked for several major clients

We do not accept portfolios of weddings, birthdays or other jobs for individual people.

Why was my application refused ?

Your application may be refused for one or more of the following reasons :

  • You are not of legal ageYou must be at least 18 years old to register with Utopix
  • You are not working with a legal statusWe ask all our service providers to be able to invoice their services and we require them to be legally listed as freelancers/sole traders
  • You haven't completed enough professional assignments yetThe photo or video sample you submitted is not substantial enough to allow us to really assess your work
  • Your area of expertise does not correspond to what we offer our customersWe exclusively list BtoB jobs for companies. Wedding, birthday, private party portfolios will not be accepted.
  • Your business portfolio is not full enoughThe number of assignments you have completed for companies is too low.
  • Your portfolio contains photos or videos whose quality is too low.The quality of your work is still too low to join our network.
  • Your portfolio contains offensive or shocking imagesWe do not accept offensive or derogative work.
  • Your application goes against Utopix values.We reserve the right to refuse your application if it does not correspond to Utopix's values.

If my application is refused, can I reapply ?

You are completely free to apply again to Utopix and ask us for advice, if necessary -

Who can see my profile ?

Your profile is public. All visitors to the Utopix site can view your portfolio and you can also easily share it. Your images are protected because they are displayed at low resolution with the Utopix logo watermark stamped on them.

How do I apply for jobs ?

Once your account is created and active, you can see all the jobs available per region and apply to the jobs you're interested in. Please note that you will only see jobs that are reasonably close to you, in areas you are specialised in.

What rate should I suggest ?

You are free to suggest whatever rate you like. We encourage you to suggest fair prices, in line with market rates. We also encourage our clients to select photographers and videographers based on the quality of their portfolios and their artistic touch. Certain projects will be offered with a fixed preset price that has been negotiated according to the client's budget.

How much does Utopix cost ?

Your Utopix registration is completely free. We only apply commission on the jobs you are actually accepted for. The commission rate varies based on the project type and difficulty. The amount that you can invoice excluding tax and with commission deducted will be clearly stated during the rate acceptance.

How will I be selected ?

Once you have applied for a project, the choice of service provider is up to the client. The client will make their choice based on the candidate’s offer, portfolio and experience.

When you are selected, you will receive an email notification as well as your client's full details.

If your application is rejected, you will also receive a notification of this.

How do I contact my client ?

Once selected, you will receive a summary of your job as well as all of your client's contact information. You will be asked to contact them within 48 hours to confirm the schedules or to fix the final date and times in the event of an upcoming project.

How and when do I get paid ?

Once your job has been completed and the images validated by your client, you can send your invoice to Utopix. Utopix pays your invoice within 30 days from the date of invoice.

What are Utopix's guarantees ?

By using the Utopix service, you benefit from the following guarantees :

  • Payment security : We will pay you within 30 days after the completion of your job.
  • Quality guarantee : We offer you reliable assignments validated by our Utopix experts.
  • Support : You get fast and flexible human support, in case you have questions or simply if you need help.
  • Management : We offer you a creative space which enables you to keep an eye on your jobs, your deadlines, your payments and your deliveries.

What are my obligations to Utopix ?

By joining Utopix, you fully retain your freelance status. You have no obligation towards Utopix except for when you accept a job via our platform. You agree to comply with your Service Agreement (available in your creative space), to provide your clients with professional work and to comply with the conditions of the project to which you are committed.

When you submit your application for a project, you agree to keep the date available for 5 working days following your application. After this period, the client can no longer guarantee your availability for their project.

Am I insured for my Utopix services ?

You will have taken out your own insurance as a self-employed person. This insurance will cover you during any Utopix jobs in the event of material and/or physical damage.

Can I work again with Utopix clients outside the platform ?

By accepting our terms of use and your service agreement, you agree to work with Utopix customers only through our platform.