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How to find and choose a location for a photo shoot?

Published on December 30 2021 - 5 minutes reading

The choice of a location for a photo shoot is particularly important and will directly influence the quality of the final photos. Indeed, a place whatever it is, directly influences most of the elements of a photograph such as: the light, the style, the message or the quality of the decor.

If you want your final photos to be up to your expectations, it is essential that the location of the shooting is carefully selected.

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If you have some ideas in mind, don't hesitate to talk about them with your photographer. He will be able to advise you on the best solution taking into account all the factors indicated above.

As you will have understood, the choice of the place is particularly important to put all the chances on its side to organize a successful photo shooting. Here is more information on this subject.

1. Choosing a shooting location step by step

The choice of an ideal location for a shooting is an important mission that takes place during the preparation of a photo shoot. The objective is to choose a place that suits perfectly the concept of the photos. Thus, several parameters must be taken into account:

  • - The style: we cannot organize a photo session without selecting a place that perfectly matches the style we want to transcribe in the pictures. If you want to take pictures in a bohemian style for example, a field in bloom is an ideal option.

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If you want to take pictures in a post-apocalyptic spirit, a ruin or a disused warehouse will be a perfect setting. If you want to take pictures in a nature spirit, pictures on a beautiful beach or at the foot of a mountain are ideal. The message conveyed will be different depending on the place chosen and the atmosphere that emerges from it.

  • - The luminosity: depending on the chosen location, indoor or outdoor, the luminosity will be particularly important. A professional photographer will help you to choose the most appropriate time to organize the shooting according to the desired luminosity.
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  • The setting: whether it is a natural setting or a set up, it is a particularly important criterion to bring a real personality to your photos and make them unique.

As for the rest, you will have to let the magic of the professional photographer work. Thanks to his creativity, he will be able to put you in scene and to carry out breathtaking shots.

2. How to find the perfect location for your next photo shoot?

To find the perfect location for a professional photo shoot, several avenues can be explored. There are indeed several short term rental websites where it is possible to rent places by the day according to the needs of your photo shoot. Among the most famous sites, we can mention: Onehousestand or even Airbnb.

There are also sites for renting office spaces or coworking spaces that can be rented for a short period of time and thus represent possible solutions for a photo shoot.

Other possibilities are possible, especially if you have a large community on social networks. In this case, it is possible to negotiate with hotels, restaurants, etc.. The principle is to offer them a visibility on the networks in exchange of the provision of their spaces the time of the shooting.

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Another option that is a simple and effective idea is to consult your entourage to see if the house or garden of a friend or family member could represent an interesting setting for a photo shoot.

Finally, the exploration of urban places or places in the middle of nature can allow you to find incredible places which will constitute unique and especially free decorations for your professional photo shooting. A mysterious wood, a wall with graffiti, a wild beach, a flowery plain, a monument, a park, etc. the possibilities are numerous.

3. The importance of trusting a professional photographer for a professional shoot

Whatever your ideas for your photo shoot, it is always important to trust a professional photographer to guide you and get a better result.

A well organized shoot is a shoot that has all the chances to succeed in the best conditions. The choice of a place must always be made with the approval of the photographer.

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The photographer will be able to guide you in the right direction, also regarding the light, the poses to adopt, the decor to set up, etc.

It is only by gathering all the criteria that it will be possible to finalize a breathtaking photo session which will allow you to spend an extraordinary moment!

Maxime Arcari

CEO & Cofounder @ Utopix

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