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Discover three examples of digital events

Published on October 12 2020 - 5 minutes reading

Do you want to create a digital event for your company soon but you're lacking inspiration?  See several examples of live-streaming events for your company! 

Hybrid digital event 

The hybrid digital event, which consists of a physical-digital mix, is a particularly popular format with companies. It certainly has many advantages: 

• The best of both worlds 🤜 🤛 

Part of your audience is physically present at the site of your event. You benefit from real interaction that will be seen and felt by your online audience. A hybrid digital event allows you to humanise your event and bring it to life in a place that that reflects your company ethos. 

• Broaden your audience 👋 

You reach a much wider audience than a physical event would have allowed. Thanks to the live broadcast of the digital event on your social networks or website, there are no limits in terms of audience capacity. You can broadcast your digital event to all your fans, customers and partners, as well as win over lots of new ones. 

• Assert your brand image 🦁 

A digital event can enhance your company's image. Once again, you benefit from all the flexibility of digital to create a strong and immersive brand world (personalised layout, sound effects, motion design,...). 

• Interact physically and digitally 😀 

Interaction is one of the keys to the success of your digital event. Whether it is physical or online, the discusiion between your audience and your speakers will make your event more dynamic. A hybrid event offers you not only the possibility to take advantage of questions from the audience that is physically present, it also allows you to get feedback from your online audience via a chat system!

Digital studio event 

Want to think bigger? To take advantage of special effects or unlimited flexibility for your virtual event... 

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Organise your digital event in a studio! 

Unlike a hybrid event, a digital event in a green key studio is usually organised without a physical audience. Only the speakers, organisers and technical teams are on site. Your audience joins you online to enjoy an original and immersive experience. 

• Take advantage of perfect conditions 👌 

The advantage of creating your virtual event in a studio is without a doubt the control of the environment... Unlike a digital event that would be organised in an outdoor event location, a studio offers an optimised and controlled production framework. Your digital event can therefore take place in optimal conditions. 

• Take control 🏋 

Creating your digital event in a green key studio allows you to take full control of your environment. You can customise your world infinitely: coloured or image-based backgrounds, special effects, presentations, videos... A solution that is often much more economical than renting and decorating a physical event venue. 

• Live discussion ✨

 Even though you are limited in space and your event takes place without an audience, you can still enjoy the live intervention of your audience! The magic of studio and live-streaming offers you the possibility to interact live with your experts, speakers and audience. 

Digital event, 100% online 

Webinars, training, team-building, conferences are all examples of events that can also take place during a 100% online digital event

This is undoubtedly the least expensive solution, but also the least flexible, immersive and innovative for your audience. This type of event can be created via online tools such as zoom, gotomeeting, webex... 

This type of event usually takes place in a linear way: a speaker takes the floor, accompanied by a PowerPoint and presents their subject. Spectators can interact throughout the event via chat, microphone and camera or only when the organiser wants to give them the floor. 

👉 Ready for your next digital event? 

Whether you want to organise a hybrid, studio or 100% digital event, we will support you in each of your requests and offer solutions that fit your budget.

Maxime Arcari

CEO & Cofounder @ Utopix

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