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Attract new customers with your profile picture!

Published on February 25 2020 - 5 minutes reading

You have undoubtedly heard this expression before: You only have one chance to make a good first impression!

In a world where competition spares no sector of activity, it has become essential to take care of your image and the one of your employees to win new customers!

Because yes, it is a reality, your future customers will visit your website but, will also add you on Linkedin and therefore visit your profile and that of your collaborators. Your profile picture humanizes your business. You must be the person your clients want to meet to help them achieve their goals.

Even if the skills of a person with a professional photo remain to be verified, studies confirm that your brain makes a judgment in 1/10 of a second based on what it sees.

Online sales therefore consist in establishing your credibility and increasing the feeling of trust towards yourself (personal branding) or company. It starts with your profile picture.

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In conclusion, with attractive profile pictures, you increase your credibility, therefore interest in and commitment to your company, which will ultimately impact your growth.

Let’s talk concretely, how can you take impactful pictures of yourself and your employees?

1. What do you want to inspire?

Before planning your photo shoot or choosing your Linkedin photo, you must ask yourself one essential question: What image do you want to reflect?

Would you like your company to be associated with warm and conventional personalities? Or on the contrary, creative and fun? Or serious and effective?

It is essential to match your photos with the values of your company and the codes of your environment.

The proof in images: 3 companies, 3 sectors, 3 styles, 3 impressions.

portrait, portrait photography, professional portrait, coporate portrait


2. Use a professional photographer

To ensure an optimal result, use a professional photographer who will visit your premises.

It is an investment but, as we have explained, it will quickly prove to be profitable. In addition, a photo shoot is valid for several years and can be used in all your communication (website, Linkedin, Press…)

PS: A shooting is also an excellent opportunity to please your employees and to highlight them (Read: Four good reasons to set up a photo studio at your end-of-year event). Because yes, a beautiful picture is always a wonderful gift.

portrait, portrait photography, professional portrait, coporate portrait, studio portrait, studio shooting


3. Choose a background in accordance with your branding

The important thing is to get standardized photos for all members of your team. This consistency will bring credibility to your company and will give the image of a united team.

Choose a neutral background colour (grey, grey/blue) or simply the main colour of your brand.

A “natural” setting or in your working environment (provided it is well cared for) can also produce professional and engaging photos.

PS: For your website, avoid a white background too often associated with the photo ID’s or the organization chart (not very welcoming and outdated).

portrait, portrait photography, professional portrait, coporate portrait


4. Your outfit says a lot about you

The choice of your outfit would also influence your visitors’ perception.

Our advice is to dress professionally but true to yourself. A customer who is looking, for example, for a communication partner for an innovative and creative approach, could very clearly turn around and consider you “too conventional” if you wear a suit and tie in your photo.

So, adapt your outfit according to your reality, who you really are, and the codes of your industry

portrait, portrait photography, professional portrait, coporate portrait



A smile is “the symbol that was rated with the highest positive emotional content” concludes scientist Andrew Newberg.

Smiling on your picture increases your degree of sympathy but also your confidence exponentially. A free and powerful weapon to invite your future customers to contact you.

portrait, portrait photography, professional portrait, coporate portrait


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Maxime Arcari

CEO & Cofounder @ Utopix

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