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Publié le May 10, 2020 - 6 minutes de lecture

5 trendy portraits for your company 🔥💁‍♂️🙅‍♀️


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Even with the most powerful and unique technological tools in your sector, your company evolves thanks to the success, talent & motivation of your teams! 

In recent years, many companies have worked to put people back at the heart of their strategy and values. Indeed, more than a company and a reputation, your clients want above all to work with passionate professionals who share their vision. 

In order to highlight your teams and the outstanding personalities, there's nothing better than a portrait shooting session. 

As with any shooting, it is important that you select the style of the photographer who will best represent you: the approach, the setting and the creativity of your professional will make all the difference. 

Exit the white, grey or black background and the folded arms, three-quarters posed, here are some explosive ideas to showcase your company's talents: 

1. The Pastel Background 

Today, pastel colours are associated with trendy and dynamic companies! 

Taken over by many startups and digital companies, they offer many possibilities and allow you to get out of traditional colour backgrounds while playing with a plain background. 

portrait photo shooting, company portrait, portrait shooting session.

2. Expressions

From the laughter to the "Rock 'n Roll" sign, the photographer's objective is to detect the personality of the model being photographed in order to obtain the most expressive picture possible. We make sure to remain professional while showing the originality of the company!

company portrait shooting, portrait shooting session.


3. In Action 

Taking a picture of a collaborator or employee in front of a neutral background is good. But in activity, it's better! 

This applies in particular to companies that tend towards manual activities, but we can also use this simulation to make the activity and the working environment of the people who make up the company more concrete.

company portrait shooting, portrait photoshoot, portrait shooting session.

4. The play of light 

To make this type of corporate portrait, you will need to call upon a more experienced photographer who perfectly manages the use and play of lights to create a unique atmosphere in your photo. 

This shot, combining lightness and character, will give a unique identity to your pictures and therefore, to your company. 

professional portraits, portrait shooting, portrait shooting session.

5. The natural classic 

Of course, if you have little time, space, or simply because this type of photo better represents your company, you can opt for the very classic size or American shot. 

This plan is a sure value as long as you stay in the current trend: relaxed attitude, smile, slightly blurred background to highlight your model. An excellent professional photographer, with good equipment, will be able to easily produce sublime portraits of this type. 

classic company portrait, portrait shooting session.

Although the majority of requests for corporate portrait reportage will be confined to simple shoulder-to-shoulder portraits on plain - or even diverted - backgrounds, it is interesting to explore other options. 

Especially when you know the almost decisive importance of the impression your photos will leave on your potential client when he visits your website. 

🔥Ready to realize your shooting? Opt for a professional Utopix photographer to take your next portraits! 

Trouvez facilement un professionnel pour votre shooting photo ou vidéo.

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