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Publié le April 28, 2020 - 6 minutes de lecture

After-confinement: 4 tips to boost your visibility

Maxime Arcari

CEO & Cofondateur @ Utopix

Like many companies, you have unfortunately been directly affected by the coronavirus crisis? Have you had to slow down or stop your activity? 

We offer you 4 ways to reconnect with your customers and to make people talk about you as soon as your business is back to normal. 

🤞And since we are talking about a way out of the crisis, we are going to offer you optimized solutions so that you can obtain a qualitative result, exploitable at a reasonable and accessible cost.  

1.  Show your company 

The important thing is to renew the links with your customers, suppliers, service providers, but above all to reassure them: 

  • Your company is ready to take on new challenges
  • Your team is up and running
  • You are always passionate, dynamic and professional

In order to communicate this message as well as possible, we advise you, according to your budget, to make a photo or video shooting.  

 ▶ Company photo report 

The objective of a corporate photo report is to show your team and your working environment. ▶ In other words: where the magic happens 🧙

On a smaller budget, we recommend a two-hour photo report by a professional photographer. You will obtain about twenty exploitable and qualitative photos. (cfr: 4 advices to choose the right photographer

You will be able to use these photos to announce your return and to animate your newsletters, emails, social networks, website... 

As soon as you take over, you attract attention and reassure your customers with a clear message and fresh & authentic content. 

photoreport, company photo report, company photography

 ▶ Video report 

More expensive, but also more dynamic and efficient (adding a video to your emails, increase up to 300% the click-through rate), video reporting is a great way to present your company, your team and communicate your values and ambitions. 

Making Video also allows you to illustrate more concretely what you have to offer. 

2.  Go for live-streaming

Events, debates, training and workshops are among the many possibilities that you have seen live on your favourite social networks and websites!

Live-streaming or live video allows you to broadcast your events live, on all your social networks and websites.

Live streaming (also known as video streaming, live video, streaming) is experiencing a meteoric rise among companies and is, without a doubt, the media to be counted on during the coming years 🎥 

👉 Discover our infographics on the success of live-streaming 

The crisis situation of VIDOC-19 and has encouraged many companies to test this new media, which offers many advantages: 

  • You communicate to a wide audience while respecting the constraints of VIDOC-19.
  • You expand your audience by reaching out to new people
  • You communicate locally and abroad (once you are live, the geographic factor no longer matters)
  • You're starting your hearing. You can interact live with your audience. You've never been closer. 
    Live videos are watched 10 to 20x longer than on-demand videos.
  • You can rebroadcast your live via your networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram) for people who were not able to attend.
  • Your live-streaming can be simple (webcam/computer) or advanced (professional camera, sound/microphone) for an optimal result.

video streaming, live video, streaming

3.  Connect with your team

The crisis we are experiencing also has the consequence of reducing human exchanges and team dynamics. Even companies that have not had to stop their activities have had to opt for home working. 

Therefore, it will also be essential for all companies to federate and realign their teams around a common vision. 

Team building is an excellent way to reunite your team. Whether it's a simple barbecue on your company premises, a trip abroad or a laser game, we advise you to immortalize this moment with professional photos: 

✅You offer you a quality souvenir for your team 

✅You provide you, at the same time, with a humanly rich photo content to communicate on your networks.

Once again, you will be able to use these photos to communicate your feedback and the good mood of the team on all your supports. 

You gain visibility and reassure your customers about the health of your company. 

company photo report, company teambuilding shooting

4.  Customer Testimonials

You're good at what you do and your best advertisers are your customers. Ask them 1 to 2 hours of their time to give you an interview in which you invite them to talk about what they like about your product/service. 

You can illustrate this content in the form of a photo or video report. 

As for the corporate report and the teambuilding report, you can use these productions to feed all your communications. 

photo report, testimonial report, interview report

Need some inspiration? 

Discover the work we've done for : 

Trouvez facilement un professionnel pour votre shooting photo ou vidéo.

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