Stock images, your worst enemy? 5 reasons to flee

The difficulty these days? Stand out from the competition.

Stock photography’s problem? It's doing exactly the opposite! And that's not the only disadvantage of image banks.

1- Absurd situations

You may have noticed: stock images are almost never realistic.  

A table without entries, a graph without data or a company without a name... By wanting to be generalizable, stock images sound false and you can feel it!

2- The pure cliché

What happens when you try to talk to everyone? It's a cliché. The handshake, the colgate smile of a receptionist or the OVERRR-passionate meeting, you choose!

The problem? Your customers need to feel close to your company. What do they want? To know you. In all simplicity.

The right choice? A neat visual, from a custom shooting for you and your team. Event photography, portrait or reportage, there are so many ways to showcase yourself!

Stock image Dreamstime
ING's shooting by Utopix

3- Over-used

Stock images lack originality for one good reason: they must be sold to as many people as possible.

As a result, you lack personality and you take the risk that your images may be associated with another unsavoury company; or worse, with a competitor!

Adding that most stock photos look the same, it's a real sense of weariness that you may create in your customer.

4- Always imperfect

Your company is unique: your photos should be too! How to promote a strong image, if your photos are not?

Stock photos are generic. By definition, they will always be imperfect to convey your message.

Unique and neat visuals will reinforce your credibility and will be part of your identity!

Stock image Shutterstock
Elixis's shooting by Utopix


5- Stock images: limited benefits

Stock photography, quick and easy? Remember that among all these generalizable photos, you will probably look for hours for a barely acceptable result.

Not to mention that a professional shooting is an investment that quickly pays for itself: nothing better to convey a strong and unique image and draw attention to your products and services.

Looking for the perfect photo? Send us your briefing and we will find you the perfect photographer to highlight your company's identity.

Ariane did everything, Ariane saw everything. Ariane is a stock model.

Got a major project coming up?

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Maxime, Business Developer

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